Shoe care

Prolong the life of your Stinaas and look sharp on any occasion.

Taking care of your shoes is essential. Proper care and storage extend the life span of footwear, keep its shape, and shine and keep the odor away. At Stinaa.J we handpick the leathers and other materials by their quality, feel, and how they work around our special insoles.

Learn how to take care of your Stinaa.J shoes and the most common shoe materials below.



Start with cleaning your leather shoes with a soft brush or a damp cloth (preferably microfiber). If the shoe is visibly affected by dirt, dust, and especially salt and water - use a cleaning foam or shampoo, this also applies to snow stripes during colder seasons.

Let the shoes dry (room temperature).

Apply shoe polish and polish the leather with a soft cleaning cloth or soft brush (horsehair).

Let polish set before use. Pad the shoes with a soft cloth for extra shine.

Patent leather

Clean your shoes with a damp cloth.

Apply shoe polish and rub the polish with a soft microfiber cloth.

Let dry (room temperature).

Polish more for extra shine.


Dust off with a suede brush or special suede rubber block (eraser).

Erasers are great against scuff marks.

Use cleaning foam or shampoo for suede materials against dirt.

Let dry (room temperature).

Use the soft brush to restore suede fibers.

Impregnate after cleaning to protect against moisture.


Dust off and clean with a dry soft brush or a dry microfiber cloth.

Ventilate regularly.


If you do not use shoes for a while we advise using shoetrees to keep the shape of your shoes. Use wooden shoetrees (preferably cedar ones) that also absorb moisture and smell good.

Ventilate your shoes before storing them away.

Store your Stinaas in shoe bags that follow with every pair. Plastic and cardboard are not suitable for footwear storage as they might trap the moist inside.