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We are finally ready to introduce our third shoe model within our ONE concept – ONE Hunting, the world’s first orthopedic hunting boot. These boots are unique and can help alleviate and prevent pain and injuries in the feet, lower legs, knees, hips, and back. The boots will be launched both online and in stores in mid-August.

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Overuse injuries are a common problem in hunting and outdoor activities, as hunters often move through inaccessible and uneven terrain. Approximately seven out of ten hunters experience discomfort in various parts of their body, including the feet, lower legs, knees, hips, and back. We have developed ONE Hunting—the world’s first orthopedic hunting boot to address this issue. Inside the boots, you will find our 5-Bar insoles, which provide extra stability, relief, and shock absorption for the body’s joints.

ONE Hunting is a soft and quiet boot that is perfect for various types of hunting, including stealth hunting and dog handlers. The upper is made of water-resistant, high-quality leather from Italy. It features a waterproof Hydro Shield membrane that allows the foot to breathe, making ONE Hunting a reliable and comfortable boot suitable for all weather conditions. The outsole is made of high-quality rubber, providing a good grip on all surfaces. Strategically positioned, the orange bridge beneath the shoe offers targeted support and stability precisely where it’s most needed, working harmoniously with the orthopedic insole to deliver unparalleled relief for the body’s lower joints.

The boot features an S-M-C (Stinaa.J Motion Control system), an extended stability bridge that controls movements of the heel and forefoot to maximize the benefits of the orthopedic insole. This ensures exceptional stability, even on uneven terrain. Drawing inspiration from the running shoe industry, the midsole is engineered for maximum stability and shock absorption. Additionally, the boot’s last is designed to fit a wide range of foot shapes.

5-Bar System

– Do you have foot, lower leg, knee, hip, or back pain?

Our global patent, named the 5-Bar System, is based on the five barriers built into the orthopedic insole. Three horizontal barriers ensure the foot’s three arches work naturally and absorb shock without the risk of bones, tissues, or muscles reaching extreme positions. Our aim is for the foot to regain its original shape. Two vertical barriers create stability and set the body in a neutral position, providing optimal conditions and reducing the risk of misalignment.

The shape of our orthopedic insole is based on millions of 3D-scanned feet and includes memory foam that allows it to fit all foot shapes. They are designed to fit various shoes and boots, providing the foot maximum relief, shock absorption, and stability. The insoles help ensure that the position of the foot, lower leg, knee, hip, and back is correct, creating the best conditions for preventing and treating existing overuse injuries.

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Our concept is about treating people in groups. Our unique orthopedic insoles fit most foot types – whether people have high arches or flat feet. /Peter Hedström - CEO & Orthopedic Technician Stinaa.J

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Fit all types of foot arches. Patentet 5-Bar System. Prevent injuries. 5-Bar insoles in every pair.