Protect your feet when you work

Meet Peter Hedström, orthopedic technician and co-founder of Stinaa.J


Why Stinaa.J partners with companies?

Sick leave due to work-related vulnerability is a significant societal issue. Employees often spend their workdays on hard surfaces in inadequate footwear. Safety regulations and company dress codes hinder wearing proper shoes, as conventional footwear lacks the necessary stability and shock absorption. Stinaa.J’s products both prevent and treat injuries, contributing to the solution for an escalating problem: roughly 50% of stress injuries are attributable to subpar footwear, placing added strain on employees’ feet, lower legs, knees, hips, and back.

Why reducing sick leave matters?

I encounter many individuals on sick leave due to foot, knee, hip, or back pain, often induced by their work conditions. By collaborating directly with companies, we can address this issue proactively, preventing sick leave and helping employees return to work. Making a difference in society is a gratifying pursuit. However, it necessitates commitment and appropriate equipment from companies. I firmly believe that this investment pays off in the long run.

Healthcare workers: make approximately 1000 steps an hour.

Steps for companies to reduce sick leave

The solution lies in a blend of the right equipment, training, and knowledge. Providing optimal conditions is essential for lowering injury risks. What sets us apart is our advanced orthopedic insoles, universally suitable for all foot types and conditions. We ensure that shoes meet the specific needs of employees, requiring nothing more than their shoe size.

Hospitality worker: spend an average of 71% of their workday on their feet.

Stinaa.J v.s. cheaper alternatives

There are many options available, including insoles, prefab insoles, footbeds, and orthopedic insoles, with differences in materials, functions, and lifespan. Our orthopedic insoles excel in providing support to the three arches of the foot, boasting excellent shock absorption and stability, thus granting relief. The 5-Bar System within our insoles restores the natural arch of the feet, automatically aligning the feet, knees, hips, and back.

The right shoes reduce the risk of pain, injuries, and sick leave

The Expandable Collection

Stinaa.Js Expandable Collection acknowledges the uniqueness of every foot - from wide feet to feet with bunions Crafted from shapeable, expandable materials from the orthopedic industry, these shoes conform to your foot's shape without sacrificing stability. Say goodbye to the discomfort of swollen feet.