The Studio

We have heard that there is "before" and "after" Stinaa.J - from many customers. What makes our products stand out are these special insoles that carry a beautiful designed shoe. This is the core of Stinaa.J, something we truly believe in.

Finally, the shoes that never hurt you but only make you feel better, step-by-step.

Stinaa.J Studio
Opening hours
  • Mon - Fri: 11-18
    Sat: 11-16
    Sun: Closed
3D-scan your feet
  • Book a 3D scan to get to know your feet and body. After a scan, we help you choose and fine-tune your Stinaa.J shoes.
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Immersive experience in-store

Come and visit us in our Studio at Sturegatan, 16 Stockholm to experience what shoes should feel like!

Stinaa.J offers styles’ suitable any day, any time. Our signature high heel is probably our most recognized shoe, however we offer lower heels, flats and a men’s collection as well. Our vision is to empower women. You deserve to feel incredible during every part of your day – whether that involves walking into a board meeting, or down a runway. To look your absolute best should never come at a price.

⁠With our 3D scanner, we are able to retrieve a thorough picture of how your feet are constructed as seen to form, strengths’ and weaknesses’. Along with our last making machine, we’re able to customize a shoe that fits you. ⁠Every foot is unique, so why would we expect one shape to fit all?

Welcome to the Stinaa.J Studio for your studio experience!

Best wishes,
Team Stinaa.J