Our world patented technology

Based on data from more than 1 million 3D scanned feet, 30 years of experience and 3 different NASA materials, we have created our world patented technology. The purpose with the Stinaa.J technology is to empower women walking in heels. We combine fashion with technology and innovation to revolutionise the shoe industry.

Stinaa.J technology

We’re revolutionising the shoe industry with our patented technology. By combining Swedish design and European craftsmanship with orthopaedic innovation, we create shoes for the conscious woman. Why compromise between style and comfort?

Our patented orthopaedic insoles are based on collected data from more than 1 million 3D scanned feet and the experience from treating thousands of clients around the world for three decades. In addition, we use the world’s most cushioning materials, developed by the space industry (NASA).

Stinaa.j insole

Also, the forms of our insoles together with our special designed heel provides support for the foot arch, increases the foot’s stability and control and decreases the rotational forces that the feet are exposed to. As a result, it decreases the risk of uneven loads on the foot, knee, hip and lower back. In addition, we use the world’s most cushioning material, invented by NASA, which removes pressure.

We have worked together with some of the world’s most foremost experts experts in orthopaedic insoles and Europe’s most recognised shoe manufacturers. They have helped us realise our vision to combine orthopaedic innovation with high-level design.

black pumps Stinaa.J

90% of the population

The Stinaa.J technology with our insoles can help 90% of the population to prevent pain and injury, and heal already damaged feet. All feet are unique, but our technology is developed to help as many types as possible. Our technology is the result of more that three decades of experience from treating injuries and based on that knowledge we build our shoes from the inside and out, with our insoles as the starting point.

We want to revolutionise the shoe industry for women

Our strong vision is to create shoes for women that empowers by combining innovation with fashion. That means preventing pain and injuries, but without compromising on design and style. We are convinced that the modern woman demands more than fashion only made for looks. With our world patented technology we want to revolutionize how shoes for women are made.