5-Bar System

Discover our new patented System for durable and practical orthopedic insoles.

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A tribute to the body and its unique qualities

The human body is a fantastic construction designed to work and last a lifetime. Often, it´s not until something breaks or hurts that we understand and appreciate what the body does for us. Just lifting a coffee cup or going to the bathroom is a series of efforts that we never reflect on. It just happens. For example, you use almost 650 muscles and 300 joints daily when you move. Year in and year out. No wonder some parts of this construction get worn out, especially when time takes its toll. Muscles and joints do a massive job in the quiet. The human foot consists of 66 joints, almost four times as many ligaments (i.e., about 250), and 38 different muscles. All these ligaments and joints are connected to the lower legs of the body.

When all this works perfectly together, we feel strong and healthy.

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Orthopedic insoles for an active lifestyle

Our 5-Bar insoles come with every pair of sports shoes and sneakers. They are also available to shop as a separate unit. Fit all foot types. Treat your feet as your dearest asset - choose Stinaa.J and effectively prevent injuries.

The joints make the body flexible

Taking care of joints and muscles throughout your life is of utmost importance. Joints and muscles work together for you to be able to move. You need to do it to ensure they can do their job for you as long as possible without getting tired.
The joints sit where two or more bones in the skeleton meet and allow the bones to move. Without joints, we could not bend or stretch the body. Joints are movable connections between two or more bones in the skeleton. The joint surfaces are covered with hard articular cartilage that consists of support tissue, which means that the surfaces can slide against each other and minimize the risk of wearing out.

The muscles give strength

We have different types of muscles, but they can all contract, stretch, tense, or relax. The skeletal muscles are attached to the skeleton and are muscles we can control. The skeletal muscles have two tendons attached to each side of a joint, so the joint moves when you tense the muscle and then relax. Skeletons, muscles, and joints work together to allow you to move. Muscles and joints working together are prerequisites for your body to stay active and gain strength.

Our technology supports your body and supports your muscles and joints

Stinaa.J has developed shoes and orthopedic insoles that work with and on your body. They help your feet move in the most natural way possible. The goal is that the position and angles your feet and body land in with every step (or while standing) are correct from the biomechanical perspective.

Patented technology

We have chosen to call our second global patent “5-Bar System” because of its five barriers that are the core of the 5-Bar insoles.
The first three horizontal bars support the foot’s three arches. They help the foot to move and shock-absorb in its most natural way and prevent the feet from ending up in extreme positions that can cause injury. The other two vertical bars create stability. They straighten the feet, knees, and hips so that the pressure load distributes evenly from the feet and all the way up to the back. In this way, the body is in a neutral position when you are still or complete a step – the balance between effort and rest is achieved. Regarding the shape of our 5-bar insole, as with 3-step insoles – it is based on millions of 3D-scanned feet from all over the world. Most likely – they fit you just perfectly. The insole has five different layers, each with its unique qualities and functions:

The upper

We have chosen a perforated material that can breathe and transport moisture from the foot’s 250,000 sweat glands. The material also prevents the risk of unnecessary frictional damages (blisters).

The memory foam

We chose Medical Poron with a particular density. The material reacts to the pressure and shapes itself after the shape of the feet. It has a reaction time of three seconds, meaning it has time to return to its original shape while the foot is in the air.

The shock-absorbing layer

We have chosen Medical Poron, which is frequently used in the space industry. Excellent at absorbing shocks for those of you who appreciate the movement.

The five bars

The core of the insole. Provide stability and ensure that the feet and body land in the correct neutral position. The bars support all three arches during standing or moving. They give the feet some good exercise, and when you use the 5-bar insoles regularly, you strengthen your feet´s muscles. The feet get maximum relief, shock absorption, and stability. A unique product by Stinaa.J, with a global patent.

The bottom layer

Made to withstand great stress and wear. Perfect for an active lifestyle as it is easy for the sand or other loose particles to enter the shoe when you walk or run.

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We recommend the 5-Bar insoles for you with the following conditions:

Foot and leg problems
  • ✔ FOOT
    Hallux Valgus
    Mortons neuroma
    Hallux rigidus
    Bursit - bursitis
    Low transverse arch
    Hammer toe
  • ✔ HEEL
    Heel spur
    Plantar fasciitis
    Sever’s syndrome (disease)
    Heel fat pad syndrome
  • ✔ LEG
    Shin splints
    Compartment syndrome
    Achilles tendon
Knees, hips, and lower back
  • ✔ KNEE
    Patellofemoral pain syndrome
    Jumpers knee
    Osteoarthritis of the knee
    Runners knee
  • ✔ HIP
    Stress fracture pain syndrome
    Hip arthritis
  • ✔ BACK
    Lumbago (low back pain)
    Bad posture