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With almost four decades of orthopedic experience treating world-class athletes, we have studied most movement patterns and injuries. This knowledge and the data we collected helped us discover a whole new way of treating sportsmen and women - in groups, with the help of advanced orthopedic shoes and insoles.

We have created orthotics that work for most feet, making them attractive without cutting on the orthopedic features. The shoes in our new collection are built to minimize the risks of injuries and provide total relief not only for the feet but for the whole body.

The concept One stands for "one shoe model per sport" - where less is more approach prevails. The collection meets the demanding expectations both when it comes to function and looks. Forget about the acid colors, sports shoes can and should be elegant. Most importantly, sports shoes must provide 360-degree support for the musculoskeletal system. One Sport does exactly that.


Supports the foot correctly / Per S.

Best shoe for everyday use and running! / Isabell L.

The running shoe of life! / William V.

Like walking on clouds! / Katarina D.

ONE Racket

World's first orthopedic racket shoe

Starting with our orthopedic insole featuring the innovative 5-Bar System, Stinaa.J’s orthopedic team has meticulously crafted One Racket from the inside out. Every design decision primarily focuses on orthopedic benefits, aiming to prevent and treat foot, knee, hip, and back pain and injuries.

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The desired effect and the most important feature of our shoes is providing stability so that the body’s biomechanics are as optimal as possible and your feet, knees, hips, and back land into the correct neutral position - for any move you take.

The lasts and the shapes of Stinaa.J shoes fit most feet, and provide shock absorption and relief in each of the four phases of gait such as the contact phase (heel-strike), foot-flat phase (loading response), mid-stance and propulsive phase (push-off, acceleration, mid-swing, deceleration). Every shoe model is tested both in a lab environment and by selected customers or patients of partner orthopedic clinics in Stockholm.

Launching 2024:

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