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Racket sports are among the most popular and effective forms of training and competition worldwide, but they are also prone to causing strain injuries.

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The high-intensity movements and forces involved in these sports can lead to torn and inflamed heel tendons, inflammation of the periosteum, and pain in the knees, hips, and back. Moreover, many individuals continue to play racket sports at a relatively high level throughout their lives. As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to these injuries. In fact, about 30% of all injuries are attributed to improper footwear and equipment.

The demand for orthopedic racket shoes is significant. Thanks to Stinaa.J’s patented technology for advanced orthopedic insoles designed for all foot types, we are proud to introduce One Racket – the world’s first orthopedic racket shoe.

Starting with our orthopedic insole featuring the innovative 5-Bar System, Stinaa.J’s orthopedic team has meticulously crafted One Racket from the inside out. Every design decision has been made with a primary focus on orthopedic benefits, aiming to prevent and treat foot, knee, hip, and back pain and injuries.

One Racket is the ideal shoe for indoor and outdoor racket sports, as well as activities like floor-ball and strength training. The orthopedic technology inside the shoe collaborates with an extended stability SMC bridge (Stinaa.J Motion Control) to control the movements of both the heel and forefoot. A U-shaped black TPU support around the heel ensures maximum stability, keeping the foot in a neutral position.

One Racket unisex ortopediska padelskor | Stinaa.J SPORT | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik One Racket unisex ortopediska padelskor | Stinaa.J SPORT | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik

Patented orthopedic innovation

5-Bar orthopedic insoles in every pair

Stinaa.J’s advanced orthopedic insoles cater to all foot types, including high, low, and normal arches, as well as various foot positions like pronation, supination, and neutral. This system helps neutralize the body’s alignment, providing optimal relief and shock absorption. The insole’s medical memory foam layer molds to your foot, creating a personalized fit based on data from millions of 3D-scanned feet and three decades of experience in treating stress injuries.

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An extended stability bridge that controls movements of the heel and forefoot to maximize the benefits of the orthopedic insole.

TPU Support

The U-shaped black TPU heel support ensures maximum stability and maintains a neutral foot position during the rigorous movements of racket sports.

Enjoy sports without pain or injury

Fit all types of foot arches. Patentet 5-Bar System. Prevent injuries. 5-Bar insoles in every pair.

Peter, who has over 35 years of experience as an orthopedic technician with a focus on biomechanics, has treated top athletes worldwide, including those in racquet sports, NHL, PGA Tour, Premier League, and Series A. Drawing on this impressive background and data from millions of 3D scanned feet, Peter and his team have developed Stinaa.J's groundbreaking orthopedic sports shoe collection.

Q: Why did launch One Racket as part of Stinaa.J’s orthopedic sports line?

Peter: Racket sports have a rather bad reputation when it comes to causing injuries due to the rapid movements and intense forces involved, which can lead to long-term health issues. As we age, our bodies become less resilient, making it crucial to protect ourselves. In our partner clinics, we regularly meet patients with injuries caused by tennis or padel. These issues could have been prevented with the right shoes and orthopedic insoles.

Q: What motivates you personally to develop the One Racket?

Peter:  There is a sports injury epidemic caused by my padel in Sweden alone. I know how to help stop that! My driving force is to help more people enjoy sports without injuries. I myself am an enthusiastic tennis and padel player.

Q: What are the most common injuries in tennis and padel?

Peter: Torn and inflamed heel tendons, osteitis, and pain in the knees, hips, and back are prevalent in these sports. Many of these issues can be prevented or treated effectively with the help of orthopedic shoes. Stinaa.J is the pioneer in making advanced orthopedic footwear accessible to all.

Q: How does Stinaa.J’s One Racket differs from regular racket shoes?

Peter: Firstly, our shoes feature advanced orthopedic insoles, a unique product in the market. The technology provides relief, shock absorption, and stability to the whole body. One Racket ensures optimal stability in the heel and forefoot, thanks to the extended stability bridge and u-shaped TPU support. All these elements work together to enable the body to cope with the swift movements and intense forces in racket sports.

Q: Who should consider purchasing an orthopedic racket shoe from Stinaa.J?

Peter: People with high and low arches are particularly vulnerable to injuries, and our orthopedic technology helps align the body, minimizing uneven loads while offering relief and shock absorption. Our shoes are suitable for elite athletes and recreational players, and the need varies according to individual circumstances and the body’s condition.