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Stinaa.J is on a quest to protect feet and body from pain and injuries in feet, knees, hips, and lower back – for as many professionals as possible.

With our patented technology, we are revolutionizing the footwear industry with a product that treats and protects your entire body in both movement (walking) and rest (standing). Until now, most shoes on the market had generic insoles with no orthopedic features. This means no proper support, stability, and no shock absorption for feet that literally wear out every day for long hours.

The orthopedic insoles in our shoes activate the foot and help it regain its original shape and functionality. If you have high arches the insoles boost the shock absorption and for low arches – support and control. We work a lot with cushioning for comfort and better fit. The shoes are built from the inside out – the design of the shoe matches and enhances the orthopedic features of the insoles.

Stinaa.J shoes and orthopedic insoles are based on 3D scans of millions of feet around the world. We use rich data to create orthopedic shoes and insoles that fit most people and all foot types. Everyone should have access to the latest orthopedic technology for a reasonable price!

With almost four decades of active orthopedic work with patients in Sweden and globally, we certainly know all about feet and the way to treat them the way they deserve.