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Our patented technology provides total support, relief, and shock absorption to feet-knee-hips and lower back, in movement and rest. Stinaa.J shoes and orthopedic insoles protect feet and body from harm caused by walking and standing on hard surfaces for long hours. They reduce the risks of overuse injuries and pain. The less the pain, the fewer sick leave, and once you try our shoes you will never go back!

The desired effect and the most important feature of our shoes is providing stability so that the body’s biomechanics are as optimal as possible and your feet, knees, hips, and back land in the correct neutral position.

The human body moves differently depending on the shape, drop, and heel height of shoes, that is why we base our collections on two international patents for two different types of orthopedic insoles: one for flats and one for heels.

The lasts and the shapes of Stinaa.J shoes fit most feet, and provide shock absorption and relief in each of the four phases of gait (walking, running) such as contact phase (heel-strike), foot-flat phase (loading response), mid-stance and propulsive phase (push-off, acceleration, mid-swing, deceleration). Every shoe model is tested both in a lab environment and by selected customers or patients of partner orthopedic clinics in Stockholm.

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