Stinaa.J was founded in the spring of 2015. We created the first ever orthopedic high heel and aim to revolutionize a business that prioritizes style over comfort.

We spent over 34 years gathering knowledge and data, the last 15 of which – were for research and development.
By combining Swedish minimalist design with sustainable European craftsmanship and orthopedic knowledge and innovation, we have created shoes that both look great and take care of your body.

The desired effect and the most important feature of our footwear is providing stability so that the body’s biomechanics are as optimal as possible and your feet, knees, hips and back land into correct neutral position.

Human body moves differently depending on the shape, drop and the heel height of the footwear, that is why we base our collections on two world patents for two different variants of dynamic orthopedic insoles: one for flats and one for heels – like our signature pump Denise.

Every shoe model is tested both in a lab environment and by selected customers or patients of partner orthopedic clinics of Stockholm. We check the fit, function and gather valuable feedback. In average, it takes up to seven different samples until a shoe model is approved and included in our collection – what ́s best for our customers is our top priority.

The lasts and the shapes of Stinaa.J footwear fit most feet, provide shock absorption and relief in each of the four phases of giat (walking, running) such as: contact phase (heelstrike), foot-flat phase (loading response), mid-stance and propulsive phase (push-off, acceleration, mid-swing, deceleration).


Die ultimativen schwarzen Pumps Denise - von Stinaa.J