Orthopedic shoes for women

Treat pain and prevent injuries with Stinaa.J. Stylish orthopedic shoes with patented 3-Step System for heels.

It all starts with the feet


Stinaa. J is a Stockholm-based orthopedic shoe house founded in 2016. We have spent the last four decades on research and development to create the future of orthopedic shoes. Stinaa. J offers the latest orthopedic technology in a stylish package of classic design. We are here for you who already struggle with foot-knee-hip-back problems and for you who want to prevent injuries in time.

Orthopedic shoes for men

Patented 5-Bar System with each pair. Optimal stability, support, and shock absorption for feet-knees-hips-lower back.

The desired effect and the most important feature of our shoewear is providing stability so that the body’s biomechanics are as optimal as possible and your feet, knees, hips, and back land in a correct neutral position.


The lasts and the shapes of Stinaa.J footwear fit most feet, provide shock absorption and relief in each of the four phases of giat (walking, running) such as: contact phase (heelstrike), foot-flat phase (loading response), mid-stance and propulsive phase (push-off, acceleration, mid-swing, deceleration).

Human body moves differently depending on the shape, drop and the heel height of the footwear, that is why we base our collections on two international patents for two different variants of dynamic orthopedic insoles: one for flats and one for heels.

Every shoe model is tested both in a lab environment and by selected customers or patients of partner orthopedic clinics of Stockholm.