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About Stinaa.J

We combine fashion with technology and innovation to revolutionize the shoe industry.

Stinaa.J was founded during the spring 2015 and five years later we are growing more than ever. Based on data from more than 1 million 3D scanned feet, 30 years of orthopedic experience and 3 different NASA materials we have created our world patented insole. The purpose of Stinaa.J and our design is to empower women and we’re revolutionizing the shoe industry with our patented technology. By combining Swedish design and European craftsmanship with orthopedic innovation, we create shoes for the conscious woman. Why compromise between style and comfort?

Our patented orthopedic insoles are based on collected data from 3D scanned feet and the experience from treating thousands of clients around the world. In addition, we use the world’s most cushioning materials to ensure the foot is supported throughout the day, whether in heels or flats. Our insole makes sure the foot regains its natural form, by supporting the arches as well as providing stability and cushioning. The form of our insole together with our specially designed heel provides support for the foot arch, increases the foot’s stability/control and decreases the rotational forces that the feet are exposed to. As a result, it decreases the risk of uneven pressure on the foot, knee, hip and lower back. We have worked together with some of the world’s most foremost experts in orthopedic techniques and Europe’s most recognized shoe manufacturers.

What we do

We took the initiative to start Stinaa.J because we were tired of hurting and damaged feet. We want to empower women by making shoes that make them both look and feel great, because we don't compromise on style or comfort.

For many women, the high heel gives confidence, power and style. At the same time it causes much pain and injury. So, we decided to do something about this. Our original shoe was our high heel, where each pair comes with our world patented insole made from the world's most cushioning materials, which are developed by NASA. As our technique and solutions developed, we realized we can do more for both women and men. Therefore we decided to develop orthopedic solutions for more styles which resulted in a collection for both women and men, with shoes for any occasion.

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Stina Andersson - Creative director and founder

Stina is a civil engineer with a background within sustainability issues, PR and communication. Her passions include shoes, design and health. She took the initiative to Stinaa.J because she was tired of compromising between her style and her health, so she decided to find a solution.

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Peter Hedström – Orthopedic technician and CEO

Peter has worked as an orthopedic technician for more than 30 years and has helped some of the world’s most famous athletes within various sports. He has also helped thousands of men and women to treat and prevent injuries. Peter is passionate about anatomy, biomechanics, health, shoes and fashion. Being part of a team whose goal is to develop and manufacture the world's best high-heeled shoe is a dream come true.

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