The world of Stinaa.J

Stinaa.J was established in the spring of 2015. We aim to revolutionize a business that prioritizes style over comfort. By combining Swedish minimalist design with sustainable high-quality craftsmanship and orthopedic knowledge and innovation, we have created stylish orthopedic shoes that fit all foot types.

Our patented orthopedic insoles are based on data from more than three mln 3D scanned feet and over four decades of orthopedic experience. We use the world’s most cushioning materials to ensure that the foot is supported throughout the day. Our insole makes sure the foot regains its natural form, by supporting the arch as well as providing both stability and cushioning. Additionally it increases the foot’s stability, and decreases the rotational forces that the feet are exposed to. As a result, it decreases the risk of uneven pressure on the foot, knee, hip and lower back. We have worked together with some of the world’s most foremost experts in orthopedic techniques and Europe’s most recognized shoe manufacturers.

Stina Andersson
Creative Director and Founder

Stina is a civil engineer with a background in sustainability issues, PR, and communication. Her passions include shoes, design, and health. She took the initiative to launch Stinaa.J, because she was tired of having to compromise between style and health.

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Peter has worked as an orthopedic technician for over four decades and has helped some of the world’s most famous athletes. He has also helped thousands of men and women to both treat and prevent injuries. Peter is passionate about anatomy, biomechanics, health, shoes, and fashion. To be part of a team that aims to develop and manufacture the world's best high-heel is a dream come true.

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Peter Hedström
Chief Orthopedic Technician and CEO