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Peter Hedström

Peter has been an orthopedic technician focusing on biomechanics for over three decades. In addition to his work at his orthopedic technology clinics around Sweden, he has traveled and treated top athletes worldwide.

“You don’t have to suffer anymore,” Peter used to say at every client meeting. Stinaa.J has developed a new way of treating and preventing stress injuries that is accessible to everyone – with the help of orthopedic shoes and insoles that work for most feet.

Do you know your feet? Do you know about their importance for the body and health? How does biomechanics work? Did you know that most of us get sick and develop strain injuries that are easily preventable? – Peter Hedström answers those and many more questions in a developing, educational way.

“A real eye opener.”
“Wow, I wish I had known that long ago.”
“Swedish innovation at its best!”


  • This is a lecture on the most common strain injuries that individuals are exposed to at work and how to best prevent them.

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  • Reduce sick leave at your workplace with our orthopedic shoes and insoles. Our technology works for most feet and provides stability, total relief, and shock absorption for feet, knees, hips, and lower back.

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