The Italian Collection

We are excited to launch our Italian collection, representing the next step in quality, craftsmanship, and design. At the same time, we are keeping our core feature—the orthopedic insides.

Italienska collection högklackade sandaler och ballerians | Stinaa.J Sport | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik
Our shoes

The SS24 collection includes four brand-new models with different heel heights. For the first time, we have integrated our orthopedic inserts into open-heeled sandals, something we have long missed in our collections.

“I love the Italian collection! It is both fun and beautiful while maintaining the orthopedic insides.”

This summer, Stinaa.J will be launched on Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s online stores. To celebrate this, we have created a new Italian collection. When we launched Stinaa.J nearly eight years ago, we collaborated with an Italian shoe factory outside Milan. They played a crucial role in the development of our shoes and the process of combining fashion with orthopedics. Returning to Italy now feels both right and exciting! Italy has the world’s finest shoe artisans, permeating the country’s shoe industry.

“It is fun to work closely with Italian shoe artisans again. They have a love for shoes and technology that is hard to find elsewhere. Creating classic designs with a fun touch is also exciting!”

This fall, we will release six more models where we have worked with classic styles, featuring very high-quality and exclusive material choices. This is a new and exciting strategy for Stinaa.J to step into luxury.

/ Stina Andersson, Founder and Creative Director, Stinaa.J


Classic leather ballet flats, with orthopedic inserts. The inserts provide maximum support and align your body in a neutral position when standing and walking, significantly minimizing the risk of strain injuries.

3-Step System

Patented orthopedic technology for high heels.

With our 3-Step System, we have achieved the optimal weight distribution for feet in high heels.

The last’s shape and unique staircase-like structure alleviate pressure on the feet and the body’s musculoskeletal system. This works equally well both at rest and in motion.

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5-Bar System

Orthopedic insoles with a patented 5-Bar System are based on the five barriers built into the insole. The three horizontal barriers ensure that the foot’s three arches work naturally and shock-absorbingly without risking bones, tissues, and muscles from reaching an extreme position. The two vertical barriers create stability and align the body in the correct position. The body receives the best conditions, and the risk of misalignments decreases dramatically.

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