Introducing Nova & Nelly
Our brand new sneakers have more than what meets the eye.

A 2.0 orthopedic insole developed through years of experience and data, along with world class materials from the space industry ensuring your feet are at best all day, everyday.

Innovative Technology That Will Change The Shoe World

The high heel - a symbol of power and femininity - worn by strong women anywhere, anytime. Some are plain. Some wear print. Some are simply black and shiny.

It's a shame how most heels have one thing in common: they hurt and are uncomfortable. Therefore, we have made it our mission to create a heel that is chic and timeless, yet comfortable - the power heel.

Based on data from more than 1 million 3D scanned feet, 30 years of orthopedic experience and materials developed by the space industry, we have created two world patented insoles to fit both high heels and flats.

The Stinaa.J shoe combines fashion with technology and innovation, with the overall aim of revolutionizing the shoe industry!

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Founders Story

“The high heel – a symbol of power and femininity – worn by strong women anywhere, anytime.”

– Stina Andersson, founder of STINAA.J

This interview series is created by Team Stinaa.J to empower female entrepreneurs, and give them an opportunity to tell their stories in their own words.


What makes us stand out from the rest?

Stinaa.J was launched in 2016, based on a dream to create heels for the modern and conscious woman. Stina Andersson was tired of hurting and damaged feet, and decided to develop heels that call for both form and function. ⁠Our purpose is to empower women by creating shoes that make them feel, and look great. For many women, high heels bring the right amount of confidence and power - not to mention style. At the same time, they contribute to both pain and injury. Our original shoe was the high heel. However, as our technique has continued to develop, we realized the extent of the market. Hence, we decided to expand our collection, creating a shoe for every occasion.


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