Premium orthopedic footwear from Sweden

Our shoes and orthopedic insoles fit all types of feet. They create maximum relief for your feet, knees, hips and back and teach your body to move in its most natural way. Two global patents, Swedish innovation and design.

Our customers say

I never thought a pair of 9 cm high heels could be so comfortable. I was a dedicated never-high-heels-woman, until I met my first pair of Denise. / Pia

Love them. Comfy, classy and a real ice breaker. I work a lot on stage and many in my audience come up afterwards to ask where I bought my pumps. / Anna

Never had anything like this before. Good fit, a bit tight when I bought them but after some days the shoes adapted to my feet. They feel like an extension of my legs! / Emma

Love my Stinaa.J pumps and have them in 2 colors so far. Would definitely recommend! / Alex

My 13 y.o. loves the sneakers! My son is flat-footed and I consider this a good investment in his well-being. And yes, he loves the design "they are cool" - jackpot! / Alina

Stina about Stinaa.J

“We have created a unique product for you who doesn´t not want to compromise between style and well-being. It is now possible to wear high heels without pain. ”

– Stina Andersson, founder of STINAA.J