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Shoes that your body will love

We have 3D-scanned over one million feet worldwide to be able to design orthopedic insoles that fit most people. With over 34 years of experience in orthopedics and biomechanics and two world patents, we create beautiful shoes that are good for your feet and body.

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Our 3D scanner provides information about recommended shoe size, differences between your feet, the arches of the foot, the width and length, as well as how we can support your feet in the best way. There are many things about your body and feet that you can't tell just by looking at the outside. We help you get to know your body and its needs on a deeper level.

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Founder's Story

“The high heel – a symbol of power and femininity – worn by strong women anywhere, anytime.”

– Stina Andersson, founder of STINAA.J

This interview series is created by Team Stinaa.J to empower female entrepreneurs, and give them an opportunity to tell their stories in their own words.

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