Our shoes and orthopedic insoles fit all types of feet. They create maximum relief for your feet, knees, hips, and back and teach your body to move in its most natural way. Two global patents, Swedish innovation, and design.

Our customers say

I never thought a pair of 9 cm high heels could be so comfortable. I was a dedicated never-high-heels-woman, until I met my first pair of Denise. / Pia

Love them. Comfy, classy and a real ice breaker. I work a lot on stage and many in my audience come up afterwards to ask where I bought my pumps. / Anna

Never had anything like this before. Good fit, a bit tight when I bought them but after some days the shoes adapted to my feet. They feel like an extension of my legs! / Emma

Love my Stinaa.J pumps and have them in 2 colors so far. Would definitely recommend it! / Alex

My 13 y.o. loves the sneakers! My son is flat-footed and I consider this a good investment in his well-being. And yes, he loves the design "they are cool" - jackpot! / Alina

High heel boots

Forget about the pain and discomfort in your feet. Get the optimal support for your feet and body with Stinaa.J.

Stinaa.J was founded in the spring of 2015. We created the first ever orthopedic high heel and aim to revolutionize a business that prioritizes style over comfort.

We spent over three decades gathering knowledge and data for research and development. During the period of January 2016 – July 2021 we focused on test launches of heels and sneakers in Sweden – our home and pilot country. During the same period we acquired two world patents – for Stinaa.Js 3-step system and 5-bar system, a time and resource-consuming endeavour, yet so important for building a strong brand and products of a real consumer value.

Since August, 2021 we have entered an expansion phase, both in terms of markets as well as new product development. We operate a successful e-commerce business, shipping to over 40 countries. For more tactile experience we run a Studio in central Stockholm. Both sales channels develop and grow because we put our customers first and carefully listen to their feedback on issues like fit, sizing, look & feel, health improvement. We listen, we learn and we improve with every sold pair of Stinaas.

By combining Swedish minimalist design with sustainable European craftsmanship and orthopedic knowledge and innovation, we have created shoes that both look great and take care of your body.

Beautiful and comfortable orthopedic shoes by Swedish Stinaa.J Beautiful and comfortable orthopedic shoes by Swedish Stinaa.J
Premium orthopedic shoes that prevent overuse injuries of feet, knees, hips and lower back.
When fashion meets orthopedic innovation

Our experienced orthopedic technical team has created fashionable shoes with an orthopedic inside for those who want to prevent strain injuries or who already have problems with pain in the feet, knees, legs, hips and back. Our insoles help feet regain their natural shape. They support the arches, increase stability and decrease the rotational forces that all human feet are exposed to. As a result, the risks of uneven pressure and damage on the feet, knees, hips and lower back decreases dramatically.

Stinaa.Js dynamic orthopedic insoles have been developed during over three decades of work with patients and based on 3D-scans of millions of feet across the world. We use the world’s most cushioning materials to ensure that feet are supported throughout the day.

We have worked together with some of the world’s renowned experts in orthopedic techniques and Europe’s most recognized shoe manufacturers. Every insole is tested and upon test completion the drawings, functional sketches and material selection are sent to our trusted manufacturer Bauerfeind in Germany. The materials are carefully selected from Italy, Spain and Portugal and then collected in Portugal where the shoes are assembled by hand. Each shoe passes at least twenty-three hands during the manufacturing process.

Our shoes
Stinaa.J featured in Vogue Scandinavia, Scandinavian Mind, Plaza Kvinna, ToppHälsa Stinaa.J featured in Vogue Scandinavia, Scandinavian Mind, Plaza Kvinna, ToppHälsa
The desired effect and the most important feature of our footwear is providing stability so that the body’s biomechanics are as optimal as
possible and your feet, knees, hips and back land into correct neutral position.

Human body moves differently depending on the shape, drop and the heel height of the footwear, that is why we base our collections on two world patents for two different variants of dynamic orthopedic insoles: one for flats and one for heels – like our pump Felicia.

Every shoe model is tested both in a lab environment and by selected customers or patients of partner orthopedic clinics of Stockholm. We check the fit, function and gather valuable feedback. In average, it takes up to seven different samples until a shoe model is approved and included in our collection – what ́s best for our customers is our top priority.

The lasts and the shapes of Stinaa.J footwear fit most feet, provide shock absorption and relief in each of the four phases of giat (walking, running) such as: contact phase (heelstrike), foot-flat phase (loading response), mid-stance and propulsive phase (push-off, acceleration, mid-swing, deceleration).