Our story begins with Stina Andersson, a civil engineer driven to solve a common yet overlooked problem: women experience foot pain from high-heeled shoes. Inspired by Italian craftsmanship and NASA technology, Stinaa.J was born to offer shoes that combine style with comfort and health.

stinaa.j brandstory

Stina realized the need for change after dinner with her husband when she couldn’t walk home in her heels due to pain. To challenge and redefine an entire shoe industry, she contacted a specialist in the field, orthopedic technician Peter Hedström. With over four decades of experience treating top athletes with feet, knees, hips, and back injuries, he helped shape the fundamental principles of Stinaa.J.

“We strive to create shoes that are more than just beautiful. Our products are based on science and innovation, with patented technologies that provide stability, cushioning, and relief to the entire body. We are not just comfy shoes; we are orthopedic.”

Together with Peter’s dream of being able to treat people in groups, moving away from one-on-one patient visits, and avoiding long waiting times to treat overuse injuries, their vision was to create a product that would suit all foot types at once.

Stinaa.J is not just another shoe brand – it’s a movement challenging the norms of fashion and people’s health. We refuse to accept pain as part of being stylish. Instead, we aim to inspire women and men to take control of their well-being and confidence.

Welcome to a new era of footwear innovation – welcome to Stinaa.J.

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Our shoes and orthopedic insoles prevent and treat pain and stress injuries in the foot-knee-hip and lower back.