Orthopedic sneakers

Praising the sneaker for its comfort and versatility, it was just a matter of time before Stinaa.J designed a sneaker collection, for both women and men. Read more about our orthopedic sneakers below.

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Our shoes

The sneaker trend started in the 50’s when everyone was craving a more relaxed style and attitude. Today, sneakers mean big business for the brands and something that everyone can relate to and have – for the customers. Sports, especially basketball, and music boosted the growing interest in a sporty everyday shoe, as well as its status. Sneakers meant freedom of movement and success.

We, orthopedic technicians, love sneakers! Sneakers are most loyal to the body and body biomechanics, compared to the rest of the footwear range. Apart from the retro styles, which are worse for the body, the sneaker has been developing in style and technology throughout all these years!

In our orthopedic sneakers, we took the best from the running shoe industry. There are no cheap generic insoles but the ones that make your feet work properly. The insoles provide stability, relief, and shock absorption, using the best possible materials. The memory foam adjusts to the shape of your feet as you move. The midsole together with the heel cap provides even more stability so that the foot, knee, hip, and back end up in a more neutral position.

✅ Ortopediska sneakers för dam med uttagbara inlägg | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik ✅ Ortopediska sneakers med uttagbara inlägg | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik
✅ Ortopediska sneakers | Patenterad teknologi | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik
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Our sneakers: questions och answers

Tell us more about Stinaa.J sneaker collection.

We have several models, for both women and men. Our most popular styles are the all-around sneaker Nelly for women and Hugo for men. These are our most classic styles. For the most comfort and orthopedic effect we have the chunkier styles with the rolling function, Nova for women and Lucas for men. If you have injuries or acute pain, these are what we usually recommend to begin with.

What distinguishes your sneakers the most?

Our sneakers are orthopedic and stylish, like the rest of our footwear. We want our products to make you feel better, and to prevent and treat overuse injuries in their different forms. We also want you to feel confident and beautiful in our shoes.

Do you have the same orthopedic insoles in your sneakers and high-heeled shoes?

The way you move in sneakers and heels differs a lot, that is why we developed two orthopedic insoles, one for the heeled shoes, and one for the flat shoes (sneakers, sports shoes).

What is the difference between the different orthopedic insoles in Stinaa.J high-heeled vs. flat shoes?

The difference is that the insole that is developed for high-heeled shoes is optimized for the position of the foot in high heels, which looks completely different than in a usual flat shoe. The orthopedic requirements for the heels are way tougher.

What materials are in the sneakers?

Apart from the many materials we include in our insoles, we use only specially selected leathers from Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Where are your sneakers made?

Our orthopedic insoles are manufactured by Bauerfeind in Germany – our trusted partner of many years. The shoes are then assembled around the insoles and manufactured in trusted factories in Northern Portugal.

What do your customers say about your shoes?

What we hear the most is “Thank you”. Many are free from overuse injuries and pain. Some of them are genuinely surprised and wish they had known better before. We are proud of our product, this is what keeps us going.

How do you price your sneakers?

Like the rest of the industry. What we have to offer is the advanced insole and our patented technology that we spent years developing. Our insoles alone would cost 2,500 sek towards the end-consumer. Then we have the shoe itself and we deliberately chose to produce in Europe – close to home, genuine craftsmanship. All of this makes the price tag higher, but you know what you get.

What is the difference between Stinaa.J sneakers for women and men?

Mainly, the shape of the last. Women ´s feet are anatomically different from men’s – women normally have a narrower heel and mid-foot. We aim for the best possible fit.

Can men use your women’s sneakers?

Yes, if you are under size 41 and have a narrower foot.