3-step system

For almost four decades have we studied different movement patterns when walking in high heels. What we learned laid the ground for our first patent - an orthopedic insole for shoes with heels.

Walking in heels is not optimal

High-heeled shoes significantly increase the load on the feet, legs, knees, and back. A heel of 2.5 cm increases the pressure on the forefoot by about 22 percent. If you walk in higher heels is 2.5 cm, the pressure increases further, up to 76% at the heel height of 7.5 cm. It is important that you keep this in mind when wearing high heels.

The best thing you can do to reduce the load and with it – risk of injury, is to choose shoe models that offer as good shock absorption, relief and stability as possible. An orthopedic insole is highly recommended, as the load on all three arches is reduced. The challenge with pumps and high-heeled shoe models was that there were no posts that worked for them. That was before Stinaa.J.

What happens in the body?

When you walk in heels your feet are exposed to increased wear. The entire musculoskeletal system becomes overloaded. Different bodies react differently, most get tired in their legs after a few hours. You who have good genetics or are well-trained have better conditions for feeling better over time, regardless of shoe choice. Despite strong muscles or good genes, sooner or later you get pain or injuries.

This is what happens in your body when you walk in high heels:

Head / neck

You are pressed into a posture that increases the risk of muscle knots in the neck and shoulders.

Lower back

You sway unnaturally much, this can cause soreness.


When you trip around on the forefoot, you miss the shock absorption that is natural in the rolling movement from the heel to the forefoot. All three arches do not do the job. Knees, hips and back are loaded extra hard.


The toes are squeezed and the forefoot is subjected to an abnormally high pressure.

The hamstring is under constant pressure and risks becoming stiff and inflexible.
Patented 3-step system in orthopedic heels, Swedish innovation - Stinaa.J Patented 3-step system in orthopedic heels, Swedish innovation - Stinaa.J

3-step system in every pair of heels by Stinaa.J

With the 3-Step System - the insoles that are fully integrated into every pair of high-heeled shoes by Stinaa.J, we have achieved optimal load distribution.

The shape of the post in combination with a unique "stair function" relieves your feet and the entire musculoskeletal system to the maximum.

This applies both to stationary and when you are in motion (normal walking speed).