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Pumps mit hohen Absätzen, Stiefel, Sandalen, Turnschuhe, Slipper und Anzugschuhe mit orthopädischen Einlagen. Reduzieren und verhindern Sie Überlastungsschäden an Füssen, Unterschenkeln, Knien, Hüften und Rücken. Lesen Sie mehr darüber, was unsere Schuhe für Sie leisten können.

Our orthopedic technicians have worked for over 30 years on the lasts and designs of shoes that can provide the necessary support for the entire body. In our shoes, you have the best possible conditions to prevent or reduce stress and strain injuries to feet, knees, hips, and lower back.

Heels and pumps

Ergonomic high heels that are both comfortable and stylish. Discreet shock-absorbing platform, memory foam that molds after your feet, and a wider front that prevents crushing injuries. The patented 3-step system provides necessary support and relief for you who enjoy heels. Choose between a 6cm/2,36in or 9cm/3,54in, pointed or block heel. Read more about our orthopedic heels.

Heeled boots

The 3-step system in the orthotics insures maximum relief both when standing and walking. Choose between a 6cm/2,36in or 9cm/3,54in, pointed or block heel. Read more about our orthopedic boots.


Classic sneakers in leather Nelly or a chunky variant Nova for women, Hugo or Lucas for men. A patented orthopedic interior contributes to maximum relief for your muscles and joints. Read more about our orthopedic sneakers.

Orthopedic insoles

Discover our most advanced freestanding orthopedic insole with a patented 5-Bar System. Maximum support for your feet and body when you stand, walk, and run. The insoles fit all foot types, providing the necessary support for flat feet and feet with high arches. Read more about the 5-Bar System.

Sports shoes

The world’s first orthopedic running shoe One Running, tough and stable, was created to withstand the enormous forces that the feet and body are exposed to during running, power walks, and long walks. Read more about One Running.