Your first pair of Stinaa.J shoes

You are entering a whole new universe - take your time and listen to your body.

During the break-in period of your orthopedic insoles a.k.a orthotics, you might experience a variety of sensations in your feet and legs. The sensations might change from one day to another – this is normal, as your feet are adjusting to a whole new setting.

The pressure load is gradually spreading the way it is supposed to and your body is fine-tuning into a new, better position.

First day

Congratulations on your first pair of Stinaas! To gradually adapt to your new orthotics, we recommend that you wear the shoes for up to 1 hour the first day, preferably in the comfort of your own home.

* 1H a day

First week

Gradually increase the duration by one hour each day. It usually takes up to two weeks for you to be able to wear the orthotics/shoes comfortably all day.

* Increase by 1 hour per day

Listen to your body

The experience varies from person to person: some adjust quicker and can wear the shoes comfortably right away, often due to physiology, good health, genetics, or because they have not experienced an injury before.

Take your time and listen to your body – you are entering a whole new world of shoe experience!