The Essential Collection

We're proud to present to you our SS20 collection, including new colors and models designed to fit your every need this summer.

Creative Director, Stina Andersson advocates timeless and sustainable fashion. She tells us, “my vision when designing the SS20 collection was to create shoes that will become an essential and lasting piece in your wardrobe”.

The Essential Collection by Stinaa.J, includes four new colors: the Nude, the Strong Pink, the Old Pink and the Metallic.


Shoes from Essential Collection by Stinaa.J Shoes from Essential Collection by Stinaa.J

Our vision is to empower women. You deserve to feel incredible during every part of your day – whether that involves walking into a board meeting, or down a runway. 


The Essential Collection includes timeless pieces designed to last. Every color is picked carefully, moving away from fast fashion and trend pieces. We're proud to introduce a new take on "stick to what you know", by adding four new colors designed to fit seamlessly into the Stinaa.J woman's spring wardrobe. Pair them with light blue denim, white suit jackets' or why not a flowy summer dress.

This collection also includes previous favorites such as the Light Grey Python, the Cognac Brown, comfortable ballerina flats and fresh sneakers. All styles include the 2.0 insole, made with memory foam, because we want all of our shoes to be the best they can be. The 2.0 insoles mold to fit the wearer during use, and go back to their original shape afterwards which makes them incredibly comfortable!