How do I measure my feet

To know your shoe size, you need to know your foot length. The basic rule is to always start from the length of your longest foot. It is common to have different sizes of feet. If you focus on the longest, it is more likely that the fit will work for both your feet.

In order for you to achieve the right fit and choose the right size of your shoes, you only need to have access to a standard measuring tape with a centimeters and millimeter scale. You must also have an idea of whether your foot is narrow, normal, or wide, and think about what kind of socks/tights you will usually use in the shoes you are going to choose the size for.

Measure your feet correctly

  • Stand, with socks on your feet, with your back against a wall – with your heels pressed back against the wall.
  • Take a square object – ex. a ruler or a book and lay it on the floor right in front of your longest toe (usually big toe or index toe).
  • Optionally, draw a line with a pencil just in front of the toe.
  • Do exactly the same on the other foot.
  • Step away and measure the distance in millimeters, from the wall to the beginning of the object or pencil line.
  • Do the same for the other foot.
  • Take the longest foot measurement. Use the scale below to find your size.

Ps. If you are between two sizes – always choose the larger.

Shoe size, shoe size chart, measure your feet - Stinaa.JSee more and download the table

Foot width

Pay attention to your foot width when you choose footwear.

  • Normal = The shoe is neither too wide nor too narrow, usually fits most feet.
  • Narrow = The shoe is narrower than normal and fits you with narrower feet.
  • Wide = The shoe is wider than normal.

If the difference between the right and left foot is larger than two whole numbers, we recommend that you order two pairs of shoes (eg #39 and #41) and pair them according to the correct size with the right and left foot.

Shoe fit

The shoe fit is usually large or small. If the shoe model is a little longer in the toe than normal, and/or wider this means that the shoes are large in size. If the shoe model fits so tight that you have to go up half or full size – the shoes are small in their fit and probably fit narrow fit.