How do I submit a claim?

Claims may be submitted within 2 months upon the discovery of flaw/damage. 

All claims should be submitted together with a detailed description of flaws and attached images where we can see the issues. Please make sure you comment on the reported issues and upload an image of the damage.

Please submit your claim here. Follow the instructions.

We kindly ask you not to send the claimed product to us directly after you receive the return label (Sweden/Europe). Please, wait for our customer care to get back to you first.

Stinaa.J carefully evaluates each claim. Depending on the case and its complicity the following measures can be applied:
– For minor issues, ex. light complications in the stitching, outsole, insole, and logo: Stinaa.J issues a return label and repairs the product.
– For more complicated issues we may apply:

  • a price reduction
  • a voucher code on the next purchase
  • a new pair of shoes
  • or a full refund. 


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