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City chic or casual, our new Nora boots will be a part of your wardrobe for many years to come. The choice has never been easier - the boots both look good and help you move freely without pain all day long.

Sleek and sophisticated

Our NORA ankle boots are crafted in black suede, black leather and glitter. Made in Portugal, they feature a sharp pointed toe and sit on 9cm/3,54in heels. Wear yours to instantly elevate day or night dressing.

A word with Stina Andersson, Creative Director & Founder

Nora is a new design for this fall, tell us about it! What was your inspiration?
Nora is the perfect combination of two worlds – our orthopedic insole together with a 9cm/3,54in sophisticated heel. The boots´ inside will support your feet and body through the day and the outside will lift your outfit with its sophisticated but still fun design.

When should I wear Nora?
When you are planning to dance all night! Or when you have that important meeting and want the extra confident push with a pair of heels – but without the pain. It’s a 9cm/3,54in heel that your body and wardrobe will love.

You’ve also launched a new signature logo, what’s the background?
We wanted to strengthen the visual identity of the brand. We are proud of our logo, but for the signature branding, we decided to simplify it to create a more clean and clear brand message. We hope you love it as much as me!

As with all of our shoes, Nora is built with the patented Stinaa.J technology for the best possible comfort, fit and orthopedic value.


Peter, tell us about the orthopedic features of the new Nora boot!

The top material of the insole has an open-cell structure, a memory foam developed to make it react immediately and mold from the body heat and pressure within and after 3 seconds go back to its original form.

The second layer comes from the space industry. We use one of the best cushioning materials in the world.

The core of the insole is developed and shaped from more than 1 million 3D-scanned feet globally.

The orthopedic insole the shoe combined create the best alignment of your foot, knee, hip, and lower back.

Peter Hedström – Orthopedic Technician & Founder