Have a look inside our shoes!

Let us give you an insight to our world patented insoles, and share with you what we do and why we do it. Peter Hedström, orthopedic technician and co-founder, tells us about how the Stinaa.J insole is made.

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How was Stinaa.J born?

Stina contacted me because she was tired of hurting and damaged feet, and this was an issue that I had dealt with hugely during my 30 years in the orthopedic industry. I’ve seen countless patients in pain, which is so often due to a lack of proper choice of shoes and insoles. The shoes we wear impact not only our feet but the body as a whole. Stinaa.J was created as a reaction to constantly having to choose between style or comfort. On occasions such as weddings and important work meetings we want women to feel elegant, confident and empowered. That's why when Stina raised this issue, I instantly felt that this was something I wanted to be a part of!

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What makes the insole special?

The shape of the shoes and the technology of the insoles are based on more than one million 3D-scanned feet from women all around the world. With the knowledge from all the different shapes, strengths and weaknesses of the scanned feet, we have developed two different patented insoles to suit both heels and flats. The thing that makes our insoles special is specifically in the choice of materials, which have been developed by NASA. These materials provide support and cushioning, helping the foot regain its natural movements.

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How can our shoes empower women?

Shoes for women have a tradition of prioritizing style over comfort, causing women all over the world pain and injury. The beauty standards women have to live up to have been created a fashion industry that doesn't care about the wearer and her lifestyle. Our patented insoles combined with the unique characteristics of our shoes reduce pressure on the feet, legs, knees, hips and back preventing pain and injury. Stinaa.J are therefore unique amongst other shoe brands as we always make shoes for the women wearing them, never compromising on either style or comfort!