Have a look inside our shoes!

Let us give you an insight to our world patented insoles, and share with you what we do and why we do it. Peter Hedström, orthopedic technician and co-founder, tells us about how the Stinaa.J insole is made.

Based on data from more than 1 million 3D scanned feet, 30 years of orthopedic experience and materials developed by the space industry, we have created two world patented insoles to fit both high heels and flats. Our hybrid footwear prevents pain, injuries and can help already damaged feet.

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How was Stinaa.J born?

Stina contacted me because she was tired of hurting and damaged feet. I had dealt with issues similar to these a lot during my 30 years within the orthopedic industry. I’ve seen countless of patients in pain, all too often caused by lack of proper shoes and insoles'. The shoes we wear not only impact our feet, but our body as well. Stinaa.J was created to eliminate the consumer having to choose between style or comfort. We want women to feel confident, powerful and empowered during every part of her day.

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What makes our insole special?

The insole of our shoes follow the shape of the foot, allowing you to move naturally. ⁠Our technology is based on more than one million 3D-scanned feet from women all around the world. A world leading scanning technique and materials developed by the space industry have allowed us to develop two different patented insoles designed to fit heels, flats and sneakers. Our insole allows you to not only stay comfortable throughout the day, it offers you the ultimate support, cushioning and control from morning to night.⁠

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How can our shoes empower women?

Shoes, more specifically shoes for women, have traditionally prioritized style over comfort. The fashion industry has laid the foundation for beauty standards that speaks to the public rather than the woman wearing them. Our patented insoles combined with its unique characteristic, reduce pressure on feet, knees, hip and back aimed at preventing both pain and injury. Stinaa.J is therefore a unique shoe brand, always prioritizing the woman and her health.