Pack for your weekend trip

A stuffed travel bag and no idea about which shoes to bring? We'll help you pack for your next weekend trip!

10.00: Late breakfast

An essential part of any weekend trip is the long and cosy breakfast, where you decide where to go and what to see. Bring your favorite magazine and order a creamy cappuccino to go with your croissant. For this part of the day we recommend the Anita heel, with its block heel which provides comfort while still feeling elegant. A blue suede goes with almost any outfit and feels fashionable at the city café.

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12.00: Sightseeing

Explore the city in our Anna sneakers, making sure to visit all the most touristy places and the classic Instagram-friendly spots. The golden color will make your outfit pop in every picture, and the insole will make sure your tired feet are taken care of no matter how many miles you walk.

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15.00: Shopping

Our Linda boots in bordeaux suede is your best companion on the inevitable shopping tour. Feeling stylish is important when entering all those changing rooms with horrible lighting, and we promise Linda will do just that. Easy to dress up with both skirts and dresses as the slanted cut makes for an elegant leg on anybody. Choose a bordeaux suede for a color pop!

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17.00: Promenade

When you're feeling done with running around all over town, take your lover with you for a quiet walk around the neighborhood in the Hanna boot. Maybe you'll find a new favorite spot in an alley or park you haven't visited before? Make sure to sneak in a kiss every now and then, and make those memories last with a few gorgeous photos. Hanna is the perfect low-key boot that look just right when paired with a more relaxed look, while still giving your feet that much needed support and comfort.

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19.00: Drinks at the bar

At the end of the day, wind down with a glass of perfectly cold white wine in Denise pumps. We recommend the black patent as it feels fun and young, and at the same time goes with anything you feel like wearing. Denise comes in both 6cm and 9cm, and she is our classic go-to heel all year around with a sophisticated plateau that cushions tired feet. Just what you need at the end of the day!

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