Protect your feet when you train

Interview with Peter Hedström – Head of Orthopedic Technology and Co-Founder of Stinaa.J

Peter has over 35 years of experience as an orthopedic technician specializing in biomechanics. In addition to operating orthopedic technology clinics across Sweden, he has traveled the world to treat top athletes in various sports, including racquet sports, NHL, the PGA Tour in golf, the Premier League, and Serie A in soccer. Leveraging this wealth of knowledge, combined with data from millions of 3D scanned feet and expertise in materials, he and his team have developed Stinaa.J’s revolutionary orthopedic sports shoe collection.

Q: You’ve developed an entire orthopedic sports line for Stinaa.J; why did you choose to launch the racket shoe first?

Racket sports are highly prone to injuries due to the intense forces and rapid movements involved. Moreover, many people continue playing these sports throughout their lives, and as we age, our bodies become less resilient and heal more slowly. It’s crucial to protect the body to ensure it remains functional longer. In my clinics, I see patients with tennis and padel-related pain daily. Many of these injuries could have been prevented with the right shoes and orthopedic insoles.

Q: What drives your passion behind One Racket?

I encounter patients daily with injuries caused by tennis or padel, ranging from elite athletes to regular exercisers. Racket sports have gained popularity in recent years, leading to more injuries. Many people have transitioned from a sedentary lifestyle to frequent tennis or padel sessions with inadequate footwear. This has resulted in a surge of injuries in the feet, hamstrings, shins, knees, hips, and back. My drive is to reduce these injuries, ensuring more people can enjoy these sports without harm. I’m a passionate tennis and padel player myself.

Q: What are the most common injuries in tennis and padel?

Common injuries include torn and inflamed heel tendons, osteitis, and pain in the knees, hips, and back. Many of these issues can be prevented or treated with orthopedic shoes. We are the first to offer advanced orthopedic shoes in an accessible way—all we need is your shoe size.

Q: What sets Stinaa.J’s orthopedic racket shoe “One Racket” apart from regular racket shoes on the market?

Our key differentiator is our advanced orthopedic insole, which is unique to us. Rather than a generic thin sole, our shoes feature an insole with advanced orthopedic technology that offers relief, shock absorption, and stability. We’ve tailored the shoe’s design to provide optimal stability for both the heel and forefoot, incorporating an extra-long stability bridge and a U-shaped TPU support. Together, these features ensure the body can handle the rapid movements and extreme forces in racket sports.

Q: Who should consider purchasing an orthopedic racket shoe from Stinaa.J?

I recommend these shoes to both elite athletes and everyday exercisers. The need largely depends on an individual’s body. People with high and low arches are typically more vulnerable and have a higher risk of injury. Our orthopedic insoles align the body, reducing the likelihood of imbalances while offering relief and shock absorption. Our shoes are designed to both prevent and treat injuries. Even those with osteitis or heel spurs can play tennis in our shoes. All you need to provide as a customer is your shoe size.

Stinaa.J’s orthopedic racket shoe “One Racket” is a game-changer in racket sports, designed to promote injury prevention and overall foot health. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the future of sports footwear.”