Anders - White Leather

Men | Sneakers | White Leather
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  • Anders is a pair of sneakers with a classic design in white leather. As always with Stinaa.J shoes, made from premium shoe producers in Europe. Orthopedic innovation with high quality fit and a contemporary Scandinavian design.
  • - The material of the insole has an open-cell structure, which makes it react and mold from the body heat and pressure within a few minutes.

    -The insole may sound the first time you use the shoes, but after about 30 minutes it will fit perfectly into the shoe with the pressure from your foot.

    -The insole works for about 90% of the population. But remember, the more you use the shoe the more they will mold after your foot and fit even better.
  • Shipping within Sweden (via Bring): 69 SEK/pair

    Norway: 315 NOK/pair

    Denmark: 70 DKK/pair

    UK: 15 GBP/pair

    Shipping to other European countries: 10 EUR/pair

    We also offer the service “Pick up in store” for our customers in Sweden. Read more here.

    Free returns for all countries. Try on our shoes in the comfort of your own home. You can also return or change your product in our store.

    Your shoes will be delivered within 3-5 workdays. Find all shipping info here.

    Questions? don’t hesitate to email us at

  • - Remember to impregnate and preferably add some extra grease to keep the leather in its good quality. Leather is a living material and needs to be protected and moisturized.

    - Be gentle with the heels, and walk carefully on cobblestone and avoid sharp edges to not damage the material.

    - Do not store the shoes in sunlight or in a humid environment.
  • Discover the right size and see any possible differences between your feet with our 3D scan machine. Also, meet us and find out how we can empower you further with just the right pair of shoes. We keep our heels high!

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