Memory foam

Our goal has always been to create the world's most comfortable heels. Our innovation prevents pain, injuries and can help already damaged feet. This is largely due to our three space technology materials, including memory foam.

“The best thing about adding memory foam to the insole is that we can create shoes that mold individually after each woman’s feet when she’s wearing them, and that the insole after use goes back to its original shape. The type of memory foam we’ve selected is optimal for shoes because it makes the shoe feel like it’s customized for the wearer.” – Peter Hedström, Orthopedic technician and co-founder.

Our 2.0 insole is made of three different materials, all developed by the space industry. The trio consists of carbon for stability, poron for cushioning and now also memory foam that removes pressure and provides even more comfort and cushioning. Memory foam was initially developed by the space indursty with the purpose of protecting astronauts against extreme G-force pressure.

Here at Stinaa.J we use memory foam to protect women from the unnatural pressure the foot is exposed to when walking in high heels ( as well as other shoes). The cushioning effect is very important in order to provide maximal comfort while at the same time preventing pain and injuries. Memory foam has an open-cell structure, which makes it react and mold when exposed to body heat and pressure. This is what gives memory foam its cushioning and supportive properties, which make our shoes stand out in the women’s shoe industry. Classic design in combination with high quality materials is what we do.