This is Tara Derakshan

This week we've spoken with one of the two founders' of popular perfume service Sniph, Tara Derakshan, to find out how she and her co-founder Lisa are transforming a traditional industry with innovation and passion. Tara tells us how we can all create a magical scent wardrobe, as well as why she would rather ask for forgiveness than for permission... Also, find out which scent characterizes the Stinaa.J woman!

Tara Derakshan för Stinaa.J Tara Derakshan

Right now, all customers receive a complimentary scent and case from Sniph when shopping at Stinaa.J, both in store and online. This is a limited offer so don’t wait too long!

So tell us Tara, what is your story?
I’m a curious scent loving person with a passion for discovering and exploring all the finer things in life. Beauty and fragrances are a huge passion of mine and I’ve always used different scents to express myself. My bathroom is filled with perfumes and scented candles, let’s not even go there… An old boyfriend of mine even started hiding them in different cupboards because I was purchasing so many – haha! But working with scents wasn’t something I had originally planned. My background is in tech and marketing and I used to travel a lot for work. That’s when I realized the immense power that scents carry and how they allow us to step into different roles, change our mood or simply bring us into the present moment. Today, my life is all about helping others discover amazing feelings through scents. The more scents you get to discover during a lifetime, the better. Life is too short for anything else.

Would you say that you are a born entrepreneur?
Absolutely! I always knew that I would someday run my own company, I just didn’t know when or what. For a long time, I was in pursuit of the right idea and the right timing. I’ve always loved solving problems and making things happen.

Would it be fair to say that you have started a company out of a passion?
Sniph is definitely born from a passion for fragrance and scents, and this passion made us (my co-founder Lisa and I) realize that there was no easy way to discover new scents to love. Personally, I love everything that makes life more pleasant so anything that has to do with our senses really inspires me. Our sense of smell is our strongest sense and affects our emotions the most, so I feel very passionate about being able to have a career within fragrance.

Tara & Lisa at Sniph

What was the factor that made Sniph go from an idea to a company?
We decided to just try our concept and once we had had our first 100 customers, we realized that there was a demand for what we were trying to create so we went all in! However, a lot of it was also good timing actually. Both of us worked within marketing for different companies and we both reached a point where we felt we had enough experience (and self-confidence) in order to move forward. 

I think ultimately it came down to a feeling of “if we don’t do this, somebody else will”. It was too good of an idea to just let it pass and we felt we had nothing to lose!

We share the same goal to revolutionize and innovate a traditional industry, tell us about Sniph!
At Sniph, we wanted to take something that has been seen as a traditional product and make it accessible to more people. Our goal is to help people discover and try amazing fragrances from some of the world’s top perfume houses. Most of us just stick to one fragrance to avoid buying a full bottle of something only to find out that it doesn’t suit you. We’ve taken this traditional product and turned it into a service to help people out of the perfume jungle. We instead want to give people the luxury of trying 12 scents per year for the same price you would pay for a full bottle by curating magical scents from the foremost perfume houses, to try in the comfort of your own home. The idea is that everyone can now create their perfect perfume wardrobe for different occasions. Simply allow us to send you a surprise in your mailbox each month!

Has your strategy for the company developed over time or has it stayed the same?
We started as a “Black Box”-subscription and over time we have expanded our offering to include full bottles for when you find your favorite fragrance and you’re ready to commit. As time has passed, we have really thought about what our members have requested and tried to accommodate that. The business model has been more or less the same though, allowing people to discover new scents and build a wardrobe of scents for different moods.

We are so proud that you have selected a specific scent for our customers, tell us about how you chose a scent for the Stinaa.J woman!
For you, we have chosen CLIVE CHRISTIAN – OC X FEMININE because we really felt it goes hand in hand with the Stinaa.J woman. To us, she is someone who wants the best for herself but still wants to feel comfortable in her own skin. She’s on the go and it’s important to her to always make a good impression on the people she meets. We believe this perfume is key to defining all the versions of you, based on the roles you assume in your life. Also, this scent is perfect for the summer!

Clive Christian produces some of the world’s most luxurious perfumes that are traditional yet highly contemporary. The scent X Feminine from the Original Collection is a deep scent with a sophisticated soul with notes of Egyptian Jasmine, Peach and Musk. It will turn heads thanks to its fascinating way of reimagining traditional ways.

What do you want to say to other future founders/entrepreneurs? What is your best tip when thinking about starting your own business?
Don’t think, just do it!

Something that has really defined us at Sniph is that we’d rather ask for forgiveness than for permission haha. You just have to find whatever it is that gets you your first customers and once you have them, just get to it. Stop thinking, and definitely stop overthinking, because you don’t need to have everything fully sorted out to start. Believe in your ability to figure things out along the way!


This interview series is created to empower and emphasize female entrepreneurs and to tell their stories in their own words. If you want to see more of Tara and Sniph, follow their instagram where they share background stories about their different scents and inspiration for living your best life! Check out Sniph’s website to find out more about their subscription service and shop your new fragrance favorites. If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us at