This is Moa Danielson

In the second part of our series "Founder's story", we've caught up with Moa Danielson. She is the owner of fashion boutique QC Corner (a Stinaa.J retailer) and here tells us about making a job out of your passion. Read about about how bad experiences can be the best thing for forming a good idea, as well as how to get through both the good and the bad times of being an entrepreneur. See Moa's story here and shop our shoes at QC Corner in Gothenburg!

Moa Danielson, interview by Stinaa.J Moa Danielson, interviewed by Stinaa.J

We believe what will get us through challenging times is lifting each other up and supporting the people around us. That’s why we want to introduce the amazing entrepreneur Moa Danielson, who shares with us how she made her passion her job. Moa is the owner of beloved boutique QC Corner, located in Gothenburg, which has a wide selection of fashion brands. She inspires us to never give up on a dream and reminds us of why we love working with other female entrepreneurs! Read her story below.

So tell us Moa, what is your story?
My story begins with a true passion for fashion and clothing, and ends with it too. I have always loved fashion, although I haven’t always been so good at it (if you know what I mean). However, I also love to listen and to learn new things, so for my whole life of 26 years that is what I have done. That’s also why I am now the proud part owner of QC Corner, which is the store that I run in Gothenburg. In January 2018 I began really working on the dream of one day owning my own store and in August I was able to buy 50% of QC Corner, which gave me full creative control. Even though everything I have accomplished comes down to hard work, I also believe you need to be in the right place at the right time and have a little bit of luck on your side.

Is it fair to say that you made a job out of your passion?
Like I said in the question above; YES! I have a passion for my work and I love what I do, every single day.

Was it an easy decision to start your company?
The short answer is no, it was not easy.

However, I have wanted to start my own company for as long as I can remember. When I was 18, my dad started his company with four other people and I was able to work for them for a while. During this time, I got to experience what having your own business is really like and even though I knew how tough it would be I just wanted it even more.

Moa Danielson, interview by Stinaa.J

What were your greatest fears?
My greatest fear is always that the company won’t make it. If this would happen, I will know that I have done everything I can and that it’s okay to not always succeed. But I think this is everyone’s biggest fear in these times, right?

What was the factor that made it go from a dream to a company?
I have had a lot of bad experiences working within different retail companies, both when it comes to physical stores and online retail. All my bad experiences helped me form my idea, as seeing what didn’t work helped me define what was possible when it comes to creating a good retail experience. The final push came from having had a terrible week at my former job, and three different people in my life helping me realize that you truly only live once. I knew what my dream was, I had the experience needed and so I thought “why not?”. This is what helped me take a leap of faith.

What is the best part of your job?
Making people happy!

What is your best tip for other thinking about starting their own business?
I think that to succeed with your company, you just need to have that one good idea. It’s not always about creating something new that no one has seen before, maybe you can take an already existing idea and find a way to improve it? Also, make sure you have a stable ground to stand on in form of a supportive partner, a group of friends or even your family. You will need it for both the good times and the bad times.


This interview series is created to empower and emphasize female entrepreneurs and to tell their stories in their own words. If you want to see more of Moa, follow her instagram where she shares outfit inspiration daily! If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us at