The Gift Edit

Dear Santa ...

Get inspired by our gift guide for a perfect Christmas purchase of (timeless) footwear that embraces wellness and style. All Stinaa.J heels have built-in orthopedic insoles with a patented 3-Step System. All Stinaa.J flats include removable orthopedic 5-Bar insoles that fit most flat shoes.

Our orthopedic shoes and insoles work on body alignment and secure support, relief, and shock absorption for feet, knees, hips and lower back. Discover the science footwear.

Extended returns

For all online purchases in December, 2023.

Free returns

For all orders within Europe (inkl. Sweden).

Free size exchanges

All orders. Same shoe model, different size.

5-Bar Orthopedic Insoles

Run large. Suitable for sports and outdoor footwear. Unisex, all ages over 8.

The 5-Bar orthopedic insoles might be the best and most thoughtful present you have ever gifted. The insoles fit all feet and most flat shoes. It is like visiting a doctor – but better, cheaper, and more effective! We have used plenty of data to secure the fit and activation of all orthopedic properties. Sounds almost like magic, right?

The insoles have a proven record of reduced overload injuries and pain. They provide maximum support, relief, and shock absorption to feet, knees, hips, and lower back.

5-Bar orthopedic insoles - Black

Felicia - Pearl White Leather

We believe that Felicia – Stinaa.J signature high-heeled pump – deserves a special place in your wardrobe (and heart). The sleek, classy design is filled with the latest orthopedic technology and wrapped in silky leather.

Our patented orthopedic 3-Step System relieves the pressure in foot pads and provides support and shock absorption to feet for many hours.


Oscar - Black Pebbled Leather

Orthopedic sneakers for men

Timeless men’s sneakers with beautiful pebbled leather upper and removable orthopedic 5-Bar insoles. The sneakers fit all types of feet. They provide extra support for flat feet and give extra shock absorption for feet with high arches.


Alice - Expandable Red

The most perfect office shoes! Feature our orthopedic 3-Step System and expandable ventilated uppers for extra comfort.

The Expandable Collection is created especially for feet with Hallux Valgus and feet that swell during the day. Rich berry red gives a juicy pop of color and lifts any outfit. A stable block heel of 6 cm is appreciated by many.


Isabel - Brown Suede

Patented 3-Step System, 9 cm heel

The best-selling boots with orthopedic features and sensual cappuccino-brown suede upper. The orthopedic 3-Step System in the insoles has a staircase-like structure to help feet regain their natural abilities to balance the movement and absorb shocks.


ONE Racket

The world´s first orthopedic racket shoe

The advanced orthopedic technology and the design of One Racket shoes provide shock absorption, stability, and relief for the feet, knees, hips, and back. The 5-Bar System in the insoles works with the midsole and keeps the feet in place, which minimizes the risk of damage to the body’s joints and muscles.

The extra-long stability bridge (S-M-C) helps control the movements of both the heel and the forefoot.