Our Bestseller Denise

A classic pump with a cushioning plateau, an insole with memory foam and a heel which comes either in 6cm or 9cm - What's not to love about our bestseller Denise?

We want to tell you more about our most classic pump which wins over hearts (and feet) faster than we can say “comfortable”. Suitable for many occasions, Denise only gets better the more you wear it as the insole adjusts to fit the form of your foot with warmth and pressure. This spring, we will present Denise in a few new colors too!

Denise is the perfect go-to heel all year round, with a pointed toe and a sophisticated plateau. The plateau decreases the angle of the foot, which ensures a more stable step and less chance of injury. Made from materials usually found in jogging shoes, the plateau is cushioning and therefore easier on knees, hips and the back. The insole in Denise is our 2.0-sole, featuring three different NASA materials which we are so proud to use. The insole is formed to support 90% of all feet, so it will support your foot both if the arch of your foot is higher or lower and will return to its original shape after use. During use, it molds after your foot’s shape which creates a perfect individual fit for every wearer. A classic pump is a wardrobe staple that fits on most occasions, and our Denise brings together style and comfort in the best way!

Suitable on all occasions, Denise works both at work, at home and at formal events. Our shoes are made with the world’s most cushioning materials and Denise pumps are no exception. They will mold after your feet to feel like they were made just for you.

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6cm or 9cm? You choose.
6cm is the perfect work heel for when you know you're gonna be standing or walking a lot, whereas 9cm is your classic pump for feeling elegant and dressed up.


The cushioning plateau in the front of the shoe is made from materials used in jogging shoes, all to give you that extra comfort.


The 2.0 insole featuring is made of three different NASA materials, which includes memory foam that molds to fit your footprint.