Our Bestseller Denise

A classic pump with our patented orthopedic insole. Cushioning plateau, memory foam, broader front and a heel of 6- or 9cm.

These pumps for women win over hearts (and feet) faster than you can say “comfortable”. Suitable for many occasions, orthopedic pumps Denise only get better the more you wear them as the insole adjusts to the the form of your feet with every step you take.

Denise is a perfect classic high-heeled shoe, with a pointed toe and a sophisticated plateau of 1cm. The plateau decreases the drop (the angle of the foot) which ensures a more stable step and less risk of injury. Made of materials known in the sport industry (mostly running) the plateau is cushioning and therefore helping to absorb micro shocks coming from the pressure on the knees, hips and lower back.

The insole of the pumps features three different NASA materials effective to give you more support and is designed so it works for most feet.

Suitable on all occasions, Denise works both at work, at home and at formal events. Our shoes are made with the world’s most cushioning materials and Denise pumps are no exception. They will mold after your feet to feel like they were made just for you.

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Orthopedic innovation

* Broader and stronger front
* Cushioning and discreet plateau
* Build around our patented orthopedic inside
* Best materials from running- and space industry
* Fashion savvy
* Several styles
* Two heel heights

Total support

Real support of the foot arch - through all the surface.
Over 30 years of orthopedic experience and millions 3D-scanned feet around the world.

Two heel heights

Denise pumps come in several styles and colors
and two heel heights: 6cm and 9cm.

6cm is a perfect heel for office while 9cm is a more festive option.

Die ultimativen schwarzen Pumps Denise - von Stinaa.J