New in – Jackie pumps

The days are getting brighter and the air feels different. Finally, the seasonal news arrive online and in our store at Sturegatan 16 in Stockholm - as we've been waiting for! Let us introduce Jackie – the highest heels with built-in orthopedic insoles we've ever created.

Jackie Cherry Red | Körsbärsröda Pumps med ortopedisk insida | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik
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As with all our high-heeled shoes, the 3-Step System of the orthopedic insoles is the hero product and the core. The inside is built to relieve the foot pad area and contribute to stability and shock absorption in the foot-knee-hip-lower back. All the functions of the pumps aim to compensate for the overload and stress caused by wearing high heels.

Jackie - Cherry Red Suede

Elegant pumps with orthopedic features in the season's hottest color

The orthopedic insoles in Jackie pumps reduce the pressure on the feet, knees, hips, and back and compensate for the overload caused by wearing high heels. All material choices – in both the insoles/inside and the upper have orthopedic functions in focus.

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Jackie - Black Suede

Luscious deep black suede, 10 cm heel

The insoles´ shape and design are based on millions of 3D foot scans and fit most feet. The fit is improved and we have added Medical Poron in the cushioning zone of the heel. The insoles have Memory Foam which helps them mold to your feet.

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Jackie Cherry 10 cm | Högklackade Pumps med ortopedisk insida | Stinaa.J Officiell Butik

Stina Andersson, Creative Director and co-founder, about the new model Jackie

“The idea for Stinaa.J came one night when I had dinner with my husband and needed to walk home from the restaurant barefoot because my feet hurt so much from my heels. I decided then and there to find a solution.”

As a designer at Stinaa.J, I think about the bigger picture - are we missing any design? What are our customers asking for?

We know that the more hours our customers spend in Stinaa.J shoes, the better their bodies will feel in the long run. Therefore, we want to offer shoes that carry you through life – and are suitable for most occasions. My vision is that you should be able to wear Stinaa.J from morning to night, regardless of whether you’re going to work, on holiday, or heading to a party.

The core of Stinaa.J has always been the high-heeled shoe. The idea for Stinaa.J came one evening when I had dinner with my husband and needed to walk home from the restaurant barefoot because my feet hurt so much from my heels. So many women silently suffer like that – it is unacceptable! There and then I decided to find a solution. That was the starting point for the brand Stinaa.J.

The secret behind our beautiful heels is the groundbreaking orthopedic technology invented by my co-founder Peter. We call it The 3-Step System – and it lies at the very core of every heeled shoe we design. Our heels are special in many ways. They have wider lasts, the heels are more stable and they even have special shock-absorbing qualities. The heel and the forefoot have the world’s most shock-absorbing materials, developed by the space industry. All this together means that you can walk in your beloved heels for hours, without the sensations of pain or discomfort.

We have just launched a new pump model with a 10cm heel – Jackie. It is designed for all of you who prefer heels without a platform. We chose to make the heel a little wider and thus more stable to be able to compensate for the higher drop. We were also careful with the shape of the lasts – to make sure the feet can resist a higher drop.

As usual, the design in Jackie is classic and timeless. We started with the colors black and cherry red in suede – such amazing combinations for the SS24. We hope many women enjoy Jackie.