Explore: Hazel

Most comfortable boot for colder seasons Hazel is a given choice for many customers.


Fashion and comfort combined

Fall-Winter favourite Hazel is here, updated with a signature logo. Hazel has a 6cm/2,36in heel that is steady and comfortable. Boots arrive in black suede and black leather and work great as everyday shoes. Stinaa.Js patented orthopedic insoles inside the boots carry you through the day (and night) supporting your knees, hips and lower back, helping your body alignment.

Remember that our shoes are special, not just pretty. The insole is working on your body with every step you take, molding after your feet.


Why Hazel?

"Hazel is the first shoe I recommend our customers to try when they are looking for an everyday boot. With a wide heel of 6cm/2,36in, it is stable and easy to walk for a whole day. The first reaction customers get in the store when they try Hazel is that they are amazed at how comfortable they are. That it does not feel like they are wearing boots with high heels. With the slightly wider last, Hazel works incredibly well if you suffer from hallux valgus or if you have a wider foot."

Ida Elweskiöld, Store Manger

As with all of our shoes, Hazel are built with the patented Stinaa.J technology for best possible comfort.