The Wedding Edition

Focus on what matters the most. Let our shoes do the rest.

Smooth delicate pearl white - like a petal of a tender flower or your favorite pearl necklace...

This year we are introducing a new style to our limited Wedding Edition. Beautiful tender pearly leather heels for very special occasions – for you to remember.


Wider fit

No excess pressure

For all foot types

Based on over 1 mln 3D-scanned feet

3-Step System

Support, relief and shock-absorption
Feel good, look great

As with all our pumps – the inside is orthopedic. At the core of the insoles lays Stinaa.Js patented 3-Step System that gives maximum relief, support, and shock absorption to feet, knees, hips, and lower back. The heel cap is stronger, and the seams – are minimal and delicate.


With our patented 3-Step System, we have achieved the optimal load distribution.

The shape of our lasts and their unique stair structure relieves the pressure off your feet and the entire musculoskeletal system of the body. This works equally well for standing, walking, and DANCING!

Together with the 3-Step technology, the strengthened heel cap and a delicate plateau will provide the ultimate support to your feet and body.

stinaaj-1440x810-3step-video stinaaj-1440x810-3step-video