3D scanning

Every single person has completely unique feet, so how can we expect one shape to fit everyone?

With our 3D scanner we can get a thorough picture of how your feet are constructed when it comes to form, strengths and weaknesses. Together with our last making machine, we can customize your Stinaa.J shoes to fit you individually. We want to make sure our customers get the best of both worlds, and we always combine great design with comfort. Our vision is to empower women, both those who walk in heels and those who prefer a more flat style. Looking great should never come at a price, and our patented insole can help prevent both pain and injury.


Book your 3D-scan in our studio here. 

Our 3D scanner provides information about recommended shoe size, differences between your feet, the arches of the foot, the width and length, as well as how we can support your feet in the best way. There are many things about your body and feet that you can't tell just by looking at the outside. We help you get to know your body and its needs on a deeper level.

The next step is customizing the shape of your Stinaa.J shoes from the information gathered in your 3D scan, which we do in our last making machine. We can make room in your shoes where it's needed, so that you feel satisfied every step of the way. This is a service we offer all Stinaa.J customers, including Stinaa.J shoes that have been bought at another retailer.

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