The Gift edit 2021

A warm winter boot, dazzling glittery pumps, a classic sneaker or a suede loafer worn over a pair of woolen socks before the fireplace - all with the orthopedic inside. Give yourself and the one you love a pair of Stinaas - the most appreciated gift you ever put under a Christmas tree.

“Stinaa.J shoes are made to make you look and feel good. They will mold after your feet and immediately feel like they are made just for YOU.”

MEJA - like walking on clouds

Our most comfortable winter boot ever created, MEJA is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone. Warm, comfy, orthopedic and unisex. The most surprising fact about Meja is its furry insole. Despite the "coat" is has the orthopedic backbone - perfect for feet that need a bit of care.

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LOVA - the high sneaker

Loving sports and streetstyle vibes? - Look no further! LOVA comes in all-white and all-black leather. Stable and comfortable, with our patented insoles that carry you through the day.

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DENISE - the ultimate pump

Stinaa.Js signature orthopedic pumps DENISE in glittery gold leather is a choice for you who craves after a good party or a celebration. A perfect Christmas gift turns into the best News Years dance-all-night companion!

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LUNA - winterproof steps

Modern take on a classic winter boot LUNA is our customers´ favourite. Choose LUNA in suede for a more elegant and festive everyday look. Our suedes are very durable but please remember to impregnate.

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HUGO - classy and versatile

Our low sneaker HUGO is a brilliant choice for every man. Minimalist style, low-key and so classy. Patented insoles are nothing you experienced before. HUGO supports your feet, helping them to land in their most natural position with every step you take. A perfect gift for your spouse, father, son or best male friend. Comes in three colors: white, black and brown.

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CARL - the beauty of a loafer

Suede loafer with the orthopedic inside, ever so comfortable! CARL loafers, in navy blue or black, are the most amazing gift for any man who enjoys summer strolls, cocktail parties or just loves a good loafer!

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ZOEY - high and powerful

The most trendy shoe of 2021 a knee-high boot is here to stay (for a long while). Our ZOEY has orthopedic insoles for high heels and carries you steadily and with style. Every fashionista would love a pair of ZOEY as a gift!