The ultimate pumps guide

Pumps from Stinaa.J can bring you the power you need in many situations in life. If you ask us, all of our heels suit almost any occasion. But continue to read to see a few of our favourite combinations below, in the Stinaa.J ultimate pumps guide.


Denise is our classic pump perfect for a wedding, choose between a 6 or 9 cm heel. Whether it’s your big day or someone else’s, Denise is your companion. A real trooper, all the way from the morning champagne while getting ready, to the 4 am moments on the dance floor!


Anita pumps will empower you on work, and goes perfect with all of your best work outfits. Broader heel, pointy toe and a comfort that takes you through tons of important meetings.


All of our pumps are available in several colours, to suit your mood for the day. With holiday party season coming up, why not try something new? Bordeaux red, python leather or golden heels – the choice is yours.

“Heels that empowers with classic design, quality that lasts and innovation that prevent pain. Created for the woman walking in them”

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