Our Studio

Monday–Friday 11–18
Saturday 11–16
Sunday closed
Online 24/7

We are closed Thursday 21/5 but open as usual Friday and Saturday.

At the Stinaa.J studio on Sturegatan in Stockholm we offer 3D scanning of your feet as well as customization of your Stinaa.J shoes, all to ensure that we do all we can to empower and support you. Our showroom at the same adress lets our customers look at all our latest styles, available to try on and purchase. Let us give you the full studio experience!

We have a style for every occasion – and every foot. Our signature high heel is probably the most recognized shoe, but we also offer lower heels, flats and a men’s collection. We want to make sure you feel empowered and ready to take on whatever your day throws at you without pain or injury. With Stinaa.J shoes, you don’t need to compromise between style and comfort.

At our Studio, we also offer a customization of your shoes where we stretch your shoes to the perfect shape just for you. You can choose to do this to both shoes of a pair, or just one if that suits you better. Everything to make sure your Stinaa.J shoes provide support and comfort for your feet. At our studio we can also scan your feet to see how they are constructed; their form, strengths and weaknesses. That way, we can find the best fit for you. Welcome to the Stinaa.J Studio for your studio experience!

As many women have experienced, high heels expose the body to unnatural pressure on joints and muscles which often leads to pain and discomfort. The Stinaa.J patented insoles help remove a large part of that pressure and instead provide support and structure for the foot as well as the rest of the body. We combine a classic Scandinavian design combined with high quality materials.

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