Our shoes require engagement and knowledge and our selected retailers share our passion for heels without pain. The family of partners and retailers is still growing and it is part of our expansion strategy to find close collaborations with selected retailers. We believe this is the best way to share Stinaa.J with even more customers. A close collaboration between Stinaa.J and our retailers makes it easier for all parts to convey the right service as well as brand experience to the customers. Together we keep our heels high.

We're looking for new retailers and partners in Sweden and other markets. Please email our Sales Director or Creative Director if interested!

QC Corner
Stinaa.J Studio & Concept Store
  • Sturegatan 16, Stockholm
  • Östertullsgatan 1, Laholm
Two Angels
Grand hotel Boutique shop
  • Södra Blaiseholmshamnen 8, Stockholm
Gå & Löpkliniken
Ströms Man and Woman
Åhlens City