Read about us in Damernas Värld


Read about us in the Swdish fashion magazine Damernas Värld!


We are proud to be part of this month's magazine from Damernas värld. In the article we talk about why we started Stinaa.J, what makes us unique and how our shoes are produced.


Thank you Valentino for your work!


Throwback to our mingle when Valentino visited our store.


He has a large passion for shoes and he has been an important part of developing our shoes. We are very thankful for his devotion, courage and loyalty. His expertise together with the expertise of our orthopaedic technician, made our vision to help women to feel and look great  in high heels possible.

Summer drink in our store!


Yesterday we celebrated that summer holidays are coming up. I am very thankful for talented and wonderful women who joined me for a drink!


Cheers to summer!

Web shop is now open


Our shoes are now available to shop online. Take the chance to buy your first Stinaa.J shoes!


Our high heels have our patented orthopaedic solutions that will take care of your feet and body. Look stylish without compromising with you health and comfort!


We do fashioncomfort - comfortable high heels. We combine Swedish design and Italian craftsmanship with orthopaedic innovation.


Look great, feel great, do great!

En månad har gått sen lansering


Mycket har hänt sedan vi lanserade för drygt en månad sedan. Vi har lärt oss mycket och vi har arbetat intensivt med förbättringar, både vad gäller butiken och våra produkter. Våra kunders feedback är en väldigt viktig del i det arbetet och vi är väldigt tacksamma för det positiva mottagande vi har fått.


Much has happened since we launched just over a month ago. We have learned a lot and we have been working intensively on improvements, both in the store and our products. Our customers' feedback is a very important part in this work and we are very grateful for the positive response we have received.

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