Article in the fashion magazine Damernas Värld

In the article our CEO and Co Founder, Stina Andersson, explains why she started Stinaa.J, what differs us from other shoe brands and how our shoes are produced.


She founded Stinaa.J because she was tired of hurting feet. She loves the feeling that a pair of high heels gives her, but she can't accept that heels are made without any though about how women feel in them. She wants to revolutionize an industry that hasn't changed for many years.


Stinaa.J combines orthopedic innovation with Swedish design and Italian craftsmanship. We want our customers to feel great in our shoes, without compromising on design and style. Our patented orthopedic insides are the result of thirty years of experience, hundreds of thousands of 3D scanned feet and the world's most cushioning material.We create shoes that both have high fashion level and takes care of the body, this is what makes us unique.


Our shoes are made by hand in Italy and have the highest quality. We use the best materials and every shoe is made with great carefulness. We visit our factory several times a year and we know the people who works there. That has given us a great respect for the craftsmanship. If you want to know more, please email us