Can you tell us about your background as an orthopedic technician?


I have treated patients with musculoskeletal injuries for nearly thirty years. I have founded my own clinics and I have had the privilege to work with some of the world's top sports stars. During my career I have mainly focused on biomechanics and human movement patterns. It has given me an understanding of what causes injuries and how these can be prevented and treated.


What made you invest 30 years of your experience and expertise in Stinaa.J?


During my career, I’ve treated thousands of women whose damages have been caused by high heels. I know what tremendous strain their bodies are exposed to when they walk in their shoes. By listening to and treat these women, I’ve gained knowledge of how long-term damage and pain can be prevented. With Stinaa.J, I now have the opportunity to use this knowledge and experience to help many more women. My motivation is to reduce the risk of women suffering from pain and unnecessary injuries.


Can you describe the patents that you have developed for our shoes?


During my career I have documented most of what I've done. I have saved data on different foot types, collected information about my patients' experiences and documented all treatments. Based on this, I have created new types of orthopedic insoles that now make up our patents.


In order to transform my ideas and experiences into products, I have worked with one of Europe’s premium manufacturers of orthopedic inserts. We have chosen to use the world's most shock-absorbing material, developed by NASA, to reduce congestion and improve the movement pattern when walking and standing on hard surfaces.


The result is our unique sole that provides stability, reduces the load and creates structure for the foot.


What is your goal with Stinaa.J?


I want to help people prevent injuries and pain caused by poor shoes. I am proud to say that we are first in the world with a high-heeled shoe that minimizes unnecessary stress injuries. Now I want to reach out with our products in order to help as many people as possible.


Which customers do you want to see in our shoes?


Partly customers with genetically disadvantaged, such as those with low or high arches. And those who by their profession are subjected to great stress, such as in commerce, banking, health care and service. But it can also be customers that often walk in high heels or flat shoes.


Actually, we can help all types of customers to feel better in their shoes.