Stinaa.J söker en E-com coordinator

Stinaa.J söker en E-com coordinator som vill arbeta med vår digitala marknadsföring, strategi och utveckling. Fokus kommer främst att ligga på E-com Management, annonsering, kampanjer, sociala medier, löpande uppdatera och effektivisera hemsidan samt varierande research- och projektarbete kring dessa ämnen. Du kommer att jobba nära teamet på vårt kontor/Showroom/butik ”Stinaa.J Studio” på Sturegatan i Stockholm.

Introducing Isabel boots

Isabel boots are our have-to-have boots, a pair of shoes with attitude to make you empowered. The shaft is slim for a contemporary look, and the heels are high - just as we like them on Stinaa.J. But never without good comfort, to support you the entire day.

The ultimate pumps guide

Pumps from Stinaa.J can bring you the power you need in many situations in life. If you ask us, all of our heels suit almost any occasion. But continue to read to see a few of our favourite combinations!

Introducing Hanna boots

Next in line to be introduced are Hanna, our comfy everyday boots with a slightly pointed toe and a broader heel.

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