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Most comfortable boot for colder seasons Hazel is a given choice for many customers.

A word with the expert: Peter Hedström

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He's the man behind our world patented insole and has been with our brand since day one; our very own orthopedic expert Peter Hedström. Here he shares his journey from working with the world's top athletes to working with developing high heels to prevent pain and injury in women. Find out where his passion for treating the human body started, as well as how he plans to bring Stinaa.J to all the women of the world.

This is William Värnild

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William Värnild has not only been a makeup artist for almost two decades, he is also a brilliant PR pro. Not long ago he started the company PR TO GO, which is a digital PR agency that facilitates the daily work for stylists, journalists and influencers.

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A collection of interviews with successful entrepreneurs to inspire you.

Let us share the story behind our patented innovation, styling tips and how Stinaa.J was born with you. This page is meant to invite you into our universe, for you to learn more about how shoes are created and why we would like to see a change in the industry. We’re eager to overall inspire you in your everyday life. So, sit back, feet up and let’s dive right into it! Read our general guideline on how to pack for your next trip, how to build the perfect shoe wardrobe or why we chose NASA materials as the foundation for our world patented insoles.