When we develop our shoes, the starting point is how people’s feet actually are constructed. We look at their forms, weaknesses and strengths. We use this information to create shoes that gives support and removes pressure, no matter which type of shoe the customer chooses. For example, when a woman chooses to walk in high heels, she exposes her body to an unnatural pressure on joints and muscles that often lead to pain and discomfort. Our patented insoles for high heels will help to remove a large part of that pressure and give support and structure.

During three decades, we have collected information and charted women’s and men’s anatomic differences and 3D scanned hundreds of thousands feet. We have analysed the differences between walking in flat shoes and different heel heights. The result is a unique knowledge bank that creates the base for our shoes.

Our patented forms of our orthopaedic developed insoles together with our special designed heel provides support to the foot arch, increases the foot’s stability and control and decreases the rotational forces that the feet are exposed to. It decreases the risk of uneven loads on the foot, knee, hip and lower back. In addition, we use the world’s most cushioning material, invented by the space industry (NASA), which removes pressure.

Our goal is that our shoes should help as many people as possible. We have therefore developed generic orthopaedic insoles that will fit 90 % of the population.

We have chosen to work with some of the world's foremost experts in orthopaedic insoles and premium European shoe manufacturers. They have helped us realize our vision to combine our orthopaedic knowledge with high-level design and fashion.