The inside - Based on 30 years of data and experience

The inside of our shoes is the result of orthopaedic innovation, experience and data. We have used data from hundreds of thousands of 3D scanned feet to develop an insole that helps 90% of the population. In addition, we use the world’s most cushioning material that was invented by the space industry (NASA).

Our shoes prevent pain and injuries and help already damaged feet by removing pressure, creating control and providing support.

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Shoes Built With Orthopaedic Innovation

Italian craftsmanship - Quality is part of our DNA

Our brand is all about Swedish design and innovation, but we turned to Italy to find a premium shoe factory that could help us realize our vision. In our factory, every shoe is made by hand and it passes more than twenty hands and quality controls before it is wrapped in and sent to us. We can proudly say that our shoes are made with love, proud and with the highest quality.

Our style - Fashion that lasts over time

Our design is elegant and classical. Our vision is to design shoes for women and men that value quality and style.

We love the classic shapes of a shoe, but we play with colors and material to make it interesting and unique.